Monkey Shoulder Launch Event
The Challenge
To successfully introduce Monkey Shoulder to a new generation of whisky drinkers, demystifying the world of Scotch. Target 28-38 year old predominantly male, but not alienating females, introducing them to a playful, witty and edgy brand, expressing individuality. Gain buzz, street cred and genuine advocacy amongst the influential trade through executing media drops in a quirky way and engaging with the public in a fun, relaxed environment.
Through engaging with media in a personalised yet quirky way, we managed to break through the cluttered alcohol editorial space in SA, by securing the below results with the execution of a three month PR strategy:
Number of print pieces: 13
Number of online pieces: 22
Number of broadcast pieces: 01
Total number pieces of publicity: 36
Total Ad Value: R 9 409 294, 09
Total Audience Reached: 5 429 225
ROI: 1:30
Our Approach
  • Set up one-on-one meetings in Cape Town and Johannesburg with the global brand ambassador, Dean Callan, for key journalists prior to the Monkey Shoulder launch event in South Africa
  • Collaborated with AND PEOPLE to conceptualise an interactive launch event, which was hosted at The House of Machines in Cape Town incorporating unique elements bringing the brand’s presence to life, focusing on the See, Hear and Speak easy theme
  • Invited select influencers and media to experience Monkey Shoulder in a relaxed environment
  • Partnered with The Alchemist, Nick Koumbarakis, to mix designer cocktails for all the guests throughout the launch event and introduce them to the brand and its unique flavour profile

Public Engagements and Media Drops
  • Researched and identified opportunities to leverage trial sessions for Monkey Shoulder in a stylish environment among media and the South African market
  • Brainstormed and conceptualised public engagement activities, by securing three skating monkeys (skateboarders dressed in suits, wearing monkey masks) to skateboard the streets of Cape Town visiting the target market’s local hangout spots and handing out bags of monkey nuts, communicating the brand's social media platforms
  • Orchestrated media drops to select media houses across the Cape Town and Johannesburg regions
  • Arranged for the skating monkeys to arrive at offices unexpectedly on a Monday morning, offering journalists a personalised tasting experience
  • Miniature boxes, sealed with a lock and chain, containing a 50ml Monkey Shoulder bottle, a rolled up mini media release along with the details of the launch event printed on a tag was left with each journalist, also communicating the official #hashtag of the launch campaign