Cotton On Kids
The Challenge
Create brand awareness, news features and regular product placement of the Cotton On Kids ranges, new store openings and seasonal marketing campaigns, whilst educating consumers on the brand.
Over a three month period, we secured a total of 20 pieces of publicity online and in print publications:
Number of print pieces: 11
Number of online pieces: 9
Total number pieces of publicity: 20
Total ad value: R 202,546.25
Total audience reached: 1,605,800
Our Approach
  • Generated excitement and hype around new collections through seeding product images and press content to media on a regular basis
  • Pitched product images and seasonal press material to media on a regular basis
  • Granted media approvals for fashion brief sourcing directly from stores, with the aim of increasing brand product placement and fashion and lifestyle editorial coverage
  • In addition to reactive press office, we conceptualised PR tactics that would increase brand mentions and exposure
  • Secured competitions and giveaways to generate additional foot traffic to the various stores